What is Living Simply Natural?

It’s a conscious choice, a decision in a moment, a lifestyle, a way of being, and much more…

Life can sometimes be overcomplicated, toxic, and cluttered. My aim with this blog is to show you how you can strip back much of what doesn’t serve us, to live a life which is, well…more simple and natural!

On a practical level that means: recipes (dairy & gluten free, and often vegan and grain free), conscious choices for what you can put on and in your body, and surround yourself and your family with, ways to heal without traditional medicine, information on latest ideas and trends in a world searching for solutions to issues, and the list could go on.



I consider myself an artist, a creator and a free spirit.  I can’t live this life fully unless I am creating and exploring, whether that is in the literal sense of writing articles, photographing, creating music, or concocting things such as natural remedies toothpaste, cleaning products, and healthy recipes, not to mention the foundational and deeper exploration of my spiritual being.

I’m also a mother, and a partner, and currently live in the tropical paradise of Tulum, Mexico with my family.

I search…a lot.  I search websites, and blogs.  I search myself and my connection to what is beyond what I know.

And now perhaps the culmination of my life’s experiences so far, I am co-creating a space here in Tulum: Sanará, a healing and wellness hotel which reflects me and my life in so many ways and I’m excited to be able to share this.

If you’d like to read my professional bio, I’ve added it below.

Professional Bio

Daniella Hunter is a co-founder and Director of Sanará Tulum. and Oxygen Beach Investments.

Daniella holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, but instead of walking the path of her peers into the City of London, she chose to travel into the unknown to Sinai, Egypt and followed her passion for the sea where she trained and taught as a scuba diving instructor.

Later, with business and corporate experience gained from time in London from working for AOL UK as Shopping Channel Editor/Producer, as well as involvement in several start up businesses, Daniella then left for the Riviera Maya, Mexico where she developed skills in underwater photography and video production, before returning to the UK. Running a successful underwater baby portrait business and photography/production company, Daniella, (under her married name, Daniella Boutin) was sought out by high level brands such as Huggies and Sony, as well as major feature film productions for her photography and production skills.

Daniella combined her production skills with copywriting, voiceover, commercial modeling and television presenting and spent several years as a freelance travel journalist with a speciality in spa reviews. Her recent evolution includes blogging on subjects close to her heart with a focus on holistic and sustainable living. This has lead to many features in UK national press and guest requests for television.

Daniella has extensive knowledge of the Riviera Maya, and particularly Tulum, where she has returned to live. Daniella is also Co-Founder and Governor of Tulum International School.


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